Tuesday, April 21 2020

Find the right pillow

In addition to the matching high-quality down comforter, the ideal pillow is also an important part of a restful night's sleep. In addition to the cuddle factor, the pillow also takes on important health functions. Did you know that your pillow stabilizes your spine at night and thereby helps to regenerate your intervertebral discs at night?

Find the right pillow

Down pillows support your health in several ways. best cervical pillows mentioned is about the stabilization of the spine. If the spine is optimally positioned, the intervertebral discs are in a relaxed environment and the body can completely fill up the gelatinous nuclei of the intervertebral discs. This filling is important and protects the intervertebral discs.

When choosing the right pillow, it is important to pay attention to whether the shoulders are on the mattress or the pillow. The position of the shoulders determines how high the resulting neck or neck cavity is, which must be supported so that the spine lies relaxed.

The firmness of the mattress also determines how deep your body sinks. If, for example, the shoulder of the side sleeper has already sunk a few centimeters into the mattress, less height has to be bridged by the pillow.

The misalignment of the spine during the night is only one possible cause of tension and pain. Cold and moisture also go hand in hand in the country of tension.

Since down pillows are basically small duvets, they also have the natural and helpful properties of down fillings. They warm very well and create a wonderful dry sleeping climate. This means that colder air cannot reach sensitive areas on your neck either through the moisture on your head or through the pillow itself.

The 3 types of sleep
An important task of the matching pillow is to keep your spine straight at night. Your preferred sleeping position is the most important decision criterion. We differentiate between three types of sleep: the belly sleeper, the side sleeper and the back sleeper. Each of these types requires different pillow properties.

Belly sleeper
The pillow should be as thin as possible so that the pillow does not press the head back. To choose the right down pillow, this means choosing a pillow that has at least 70%, 80% or 90% down.

Side sleepers
The shoulder width determines the distance to be bridged between the head and the mattress. The pillow must be as hard and high as possible. For the choice of the right down pillow, this means a down percentage of 30%, 20% or 10% is recommended.

Tip: side sleeper pillows are versatile. You can also pinch them between your knees as a protective measure, and use them either as relief for your back or for the feeling of being hugged.

Back sleeper
The pillow for the back sleeper settles at a medium hardness and height. When choosing the right down pillow, this means a down percentage of 40% to 60%, depending on how soft you want your pillow to be.

Mixed forms
If you switch between two sleeping positions, a pillow in the middle helps between the two positions. Or think about whether you take one of the two positions much more often and optimize the pillow a little more for the more frequent position.